Tuesday, January 08, 2013

News at Eleven: The first two poems below, "Praise"

and "A Dress for My Child," were published in Yiddish in [Chava] Rosenfarb's last collection of poetry Aroys fun gan eydn [Out of Paradise] (Tel Aviv: Peretz Farlag, 1965). "Praise" is a paean to ordinary life by a poet who had lived too much in extraordinary times. "A Dress for My Child" is similarly about the day-to-day joys and cares of motherhood. Both these poems were composed in Montreal, where Rosenfarb lived for most of her life and where she raised her two children.

The poem "Isaac's Dream" was first written in the Lodz ghetto. It was lost when the knapsack containing all of Rosenfarb's poems was ripped out of her hands at Auschwitz.

from Tablet: Holocaust Poetry, Saved Again


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