Tuesday, January 08, 2013

News at Eleven: We cannot see the enemy,

but we have to pretend that we can, in order to feel safe. So we punish the "evil" we can see in order to feel like we're doing something. This makes as much sense as the suspension of the six-year-old who pointed his finger and said, "pow" the week before the holidays.

As Jason [Schneiderman] points out, "What's awesome about this girl [Courtni Webb] is that she's refusing the position of powerlessness that she's been allocated. A true Foucauldian, this girl knows that power is not held but expressed, and in activating the media, she's making herself powerful in a way that her school couldn't conceive."

from The Philly Post: Why Is Girl Who Empathized With Adam Lanza Being Vilified?
then PsychCentral: Punishing Poets is Not the Way to Stop School Violence
then The Week: Sandy Hook controversy: Is it wrong to sympathize with a killer?


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