Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Poetic Obituaries: "I wrote more political kinds of works,

works that could be read at rallies. I became more active, not just in writing but as an organiser," she told the journalist Val Wilmer in 1985.

[Jayne] Cortez was a founder and artistic director of the community-based Watts repertory theatre company. She subsequently settled in New York and set up Bola Press, the independent imprint which published most of her works. Her first book, Pissstained Stairs and the Monkey Man's Wares, was published in 1969; her subsequent publications included Festivals and Funerals (1971), Scarifications (1973), Mouth on Paper (1977), Firespitter (1977), Coagulations (1984), Poetic Magnetic (1991) and Fragments (1994).

from The Guardian: Jayne Cortez obituary
then The New York Times: Jayne Cortez, Jazz Poet, Dies at 78
then Ebony: Jayne Cortez: Woman. Warrior. Wonderful


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