Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: Ironically, the grim writings of Rhiju [Basak] are as

close as it gets to reality. Most of his poems and paintings are dark and deal with sorrow. Some are about life on the precipice with the shadow of death looming large. 'Blood on the concrete' was the first poem he scribbled on the cover of his Class VIII notebook. 'Death immortal' and 'Lizards don't cry' are some of the other poems that will feature in 'A Bunch of Lies'.

So obsessed was the boy with his poems that he would abruptly get up in the middle of a meal, take a chit of paper and started writing. He would sometimes go out of the house, sit below a lamp post and write.

from Times of India: Parents keep 17-year-old alive through book of poems


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